About BabySwingSling™

BabySwingSling™ was invented after we kept finding ourselves stuck at parks that didn't provide the traditional baby swings for our little ones. We also couldn't believe how much time we spent waiting in line at the parks that only provided 1 or 2 baby swings.

BabySwingSling  is the perfect solution!
Our patented, portable toddler swing attachment & swing trainer converts a standard park swing seat into an encompassing child swing for older infants, toddlers, and young children. BabySwingSling gives your child the confidence to swing like a "big kid." No more waiting in line for a traditional baby swing as BabySwingSling can attach to most park swing seats with ease. You simply, insert the park swing seat into the BabySwingSling & wrap dual Velcro straps around the triangle swing hinges. Simple & compact! Our innovative outdoor swing attachment keeps your child steady with each swinging motion and holds up to 50 lbs.

BabySwingSling is the 2015 NAPPA Award Gold Winner!  BabySwingSling has been evaluated, tested, & certified by an accredited US Consumer Product Safety Commission third party laboratory. Testing and certification include safety performance, physical & mechanical performance.