- Does the BabySwingSling™ work on every swing seat?

    • BabySwingSling™ works on most standard commercial/park swing seats, but it does not work on every swing seat. Some swings seats are longer and wider than the average swing. Some swing seats also don't have the standard hinges that the BabySwingSling™ is designed to fit. 
Side view of how BabySwingSling™ attaches


- Is BabySwingSling™ a safety device?

    • Although your child may feel a sense of security, BabySwingSling™ is not designed as a "safety" device. BabySwingSling™ has been evaluated, tested, & certified by an accredited US Consumer Product Safety Commission third party laboratory. Testing and certification include safety performance, physical & mechanical performance .  

- Can you put BabySwingSling™ in the washer and dryer?

    • We recommend you handwash the BabySwingSling™ and lay flat to dry.

 Who can use the BabySwingSling™?

    • BabySwingSling™ can hold a maximum of 50lbs.

- What is your return policy?

    • Satisfaction guaranteed. We fully stand behind our product and your satisfaction is one of our main priorities. If you are unhappy with your purchase, you may return your item for a refund less shipping. Simply ensure that the item is returned in its original product packaging within 30 days of delivery.